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Do you need a replacement inverter?

Solar PV inverters are one of the main components of a Solar Pv installation.  The job of the PV Inverter is to change the power from DC to AC meaning that the electricity can be used around the property. 

Most solar PV inverters have a 5 year manufacturers warranty, and typically have an expected lifespan of 10 years.  This means that within the lifespan of the FIT scheme, it's quite normal to have to replace the inverter at some point.

One of the issues of almost all solar Pv Inverters, is that they care classed as a "sealed unit" meaning that manufacturers, don't and won't send out spare or replacement parts.

If your pv inverter has started to show a fault code we can look to diagnose this, in some cased it can be repaired however in most cases a full replacement solar pv inverter is required.

At Entire Renewables, we have experience in working on a variety of solar pv inverters and are capable of getting your pv system back up and running. Depending on budget, we have a variety of inverters that we choose to use as quality replacements.

Inverters We have worked with:

- Solis

- SMA Sunny boy

- Samil

- Growwatt

- ABB / Fronius

- Solax

- Solar Edge

- Enphase 

- Plus many more

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