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Is Battery Storage The Future?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

#Solaredge #Batterystorage

Is battery storage the future for the domestic renewable market? Over the past few years the innovation behind the battery storage and functionality has improved massively to the point that we now have systems with greater usability features for the end client.

Being in a position to store the excess generated power rather than exporting to the grid is always going to be a huge advantage for saving money from your electricity bill.

Recently we installed this (above) Solaredge Pv system and a Solaredge Energy Meter.

This energy meter captures the import and export data allowing a consumer to see if their Solaredge system would benefit from a battery storage stystem. This client has been running this week at 50% self sufficient and has also been exporting more power to the grid than he has been importing. Batteries would be a huge advantage for this consumer, who will be having a 10kw Solaredge Energy Bank


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