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Why are we such a big advocate of Solaredge?

The benefits of Solaredge compared to a traditional string inverter.

When considering solar pv, there is an abundance of information to try to digest. Our aim is to make this information as simple to take on board for our consumers. The two types of systems that we installed are:

- Traditional String Inverter

- Solaredge optimised systems

When using a traditional string inverter the solar panels are connected in series. Simply put they are wired in a similar to the old style Christmas tree fairly light. When one goes, it affects them all. This is also true with shading, when solar arrays fall victim to shading this can have a negative impact on the whole solar pv array.

Most (domestic) traditional string inverters have either one or two MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracker). The MPPT allows the set of panels to work to their maximum power point of the connected panels in that MPPT group. In contrast to having one or two MPPTs, Solaredge optimised systems have beneath each panel, a power optimiser. This optimiser allows each panel to connect and communicate with the Inverter and report the performance to the online monitoring. The optimiser beneath each panel is also an individual MPPT which allows each panel to work to their own maximum power point.

Solaredge vs Traditional String Inverter

As a certificated Solaredge installer, we have received in-depth product training along with having installed a vast amount installation experience.

There is an abundance of benefits and features which, I believe, makes solaredge the most innovative manufacturer of solar inverters.

1) Full Roof Utilisation

- Mix different orientations and panel types to maximise PV power production out of your roof space.

2) More Energy

- With traditional inverters, output of all panels is affected by the weakest panel and there are substantial energy losses due to unevenly dirty and shaded panels. Get maximum power out of each panel with the SolarEdge System.

3) Maximum System Uptime

- Monitor the performance of each panel to make sure you maximise your investment.

- Free online monitoring platform.

- Remote access for installers and Solaredge support.

4) Superior Safety

- Protect asset and people through automatic shutdown of the high DC voltage during installation, maintenance and emergency.

5) Warranty

- 25 years power optimiser warranty, 12 years inverter warranty, extendable to 20/25 years at a low cost, monitoring free for lifetime

Still Not Sure? Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Download the Solaredge benefits poster below or visit our dedicated Solaredge page.

Download PDF • 881KB

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