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Domestic Solaredge 6.29kw - Northwich

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Mr Morley

With electricity prices increasing above all time highs, we were contacted by this homeowner in Northwich who was looking to reduce their electricity costs with the use of Solar Panels. Already having an idea of what systems were on the market due the neighbours having solar panels fitted, the homeowner contacted Entire Renewables for a FREE quotation.

As an advanced installer of Solaredge systems, we were all too happy when the customer had specifically decided he would like a Solaredge system.

Entire Renewables installed a 6.29Kw Pv system with 10Kw Solaredge battery storage.

The Data

In the week since the solar panel system has been installed and commissioned, the monitoring platform has registered that the system has generated a combined total of 208kw. The property has used 102kw which means the property has been running at 96% self sufficient for the past week.

Using the UK average price per kw of electricity at £0.33, it has cost the home owner approx (Excluding daily standing charges) £1.32 for the power supplied by the grid this past week and had generated a saving of roughly £33.66 already.

Ready For A Survey?

Solar panels can significant reduce your energy bill by harnessing the sun's UV rays, to discuss how Solar Pv can be beneficial to you, simply get in touch. | 01606 374 994
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