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Juggling stock issue and beating rising energy costs!

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

How to beat rising energy costs by installing batteries

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Earlier this month we installed a 3.7kw system on this bungalow using 10x 370w Solaredge panels. Due to a global shortage of raw components, there is a shortage of Inverters and Batteries which means that we had to complete this job in two stages.

Stage one was straight forward. We installed these panels in just a few hours with little disruption to the homeowner. By our calculations, this system should produce circa 2,403kw per year with the homeowner estimating their usage at 4,862kw per year. Therefore the Solar Pv system should produce 50% of their requirements.

Stage two we returned this week and installed the Solaredge inverter and Solaredge Battery. The remaining components were again added in just a few hours and commissioned the same day. Having the ability to store some of that generated electricity from the solar pv system means that the customer can store some of the excess power during the day to utilise during the evening.

Confined by the size of the roof on this job, we were only able to install 3.7kw of Solar panels with a 3.68kw Inverter. In other cases where limited space isn't an issue, we have the ability with Solaredge to install 7.2kw of solar panels with a 3.68kw inverter.

The benefits of installing a larger array means that you in theory have more chance of collecting energy on some of the lower generation days whilst having the ability to store excess energy through out.

Off Peak Charging

Some energy companies offer tariffs which allow you to but off peak electricity during the hours of Midnight - 4am and in some cases at rates as low as 7p per kw which is a start contrast to peak rates of 33p - 48p per kw.

By charging batteries off peak means that you can once again off set your energy costs by utilising the batteries, this will become very worthwhile during the winter months when generation by the sun is limited by the shorter daylight hours.

If you would like to know more about Solar Pv & battery storage simply get in touch by email or phone.

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Looking to pay monthly?

Entire Services Ltd are an introducer of Phoenix Financial who can offer finance to cover the cost of your solar pv and battery installation. The application is simple and straightforward.

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