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Commercial Solar Pv.

Commercial Solar panels installed across Cheshire.

It's been a little while since we've written a blog post on the website. Q1 of 2023 has seen us work on some staggering commercial solar projects through out Cheshire. Both sites we've been working on have chosen to use the Solaredge products which in our opinion is by far the market leader.– Commercial Solar Panels at The Hollies Farm Shop Cheshire.

The Hollies Farm Shop, Tarporley Cheshire.

We're currently mid installation at The Hollies Farm Shop in Cheshire where they are looking to reduce their energy costs with a whopping 150kw Solaredge Panel system. Although this job is fairly straightforward, we've faced a number of challenges.... mainly the rain, which as solar pv installers is never fun!

Working with The Hollies farm shop and to minimise disruption, the project is being carried out in stages where we have the ability to install the panels and then drop the scaffolding in that area fairly quickly. As Solaredge uses individual optimisers beneath each panel, we have the ability to check voltage before removing the scaffolding. Due to the Solaredge technology, the voltage is restricted to 1vDC per optimiser meaning that the installation is left safe at 19vDC per string. Again another safety factor which is considered during the installation.

The site at The Hollies, is a prime example of maximising roof space. Just out of shot of the photo below are another four roofs which also have Solar Panels fitted. Commercial Solar panels generate a huge amount of power which ultimately reduces the energy costs at a site, however one of the factors to think about is that some commercial sites have multiple roof, pitches, orientations and in some cases different coverings therefore prior planning and correct equipment specification is very important.

From start to finish we have assisted with the full turnkey service for The Hollies Farm Shop including their G99 application along with the full generation figures.

If you're interested in knowing more about commercial Solar Panels and how they could benefit your site, please email us at.

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