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Total BODGE by an Approved Tesla Installer. We had to fix it!

We have been working alongside Cory at Oy Electrical for the later part of 2022 to help pass on our Solar Pv experience. Cory was asked to fix an installation carried out by an approved Tesla Installer and he roped us in to help....

Solaredge - Tesla Powerwall - Oy Electral - Solar

Our challenge was to put right the existing Tesla Powerwall, Repair the Solaredge system that wasn't working and add a few extra panels.

Unsure of what I was getting myself into, I agreed to join him with his project which was also being filmed for his Youtube channel.

Take a look at what we got us to and join us for some light hearted banter, hard work and some electrical content in-between.....

Follow us on YouTube

Passionate as we are with Renewables and Electrical engineering, we have decided to look into creating some YouTube content for our own channel. There's plenty of professional information videos online, however we though it would be interesting to create a channel that follows our journey and some installs in a light hearted way that isn't too serious.....and whilst at it we can pass on some of our Solar & Electrical knowledge..

Please click the image below to visit our Youtube Page & don't forget to subscribe.

Lockdown 2020 Project - Hygge Rum

If you've watched the video above, you'll have seen Cory announcing his partnership with Hygge Rum so let me explain!

During lockdown 2020 when, our business was closed I decided that I wanted to start a Rum company and so Hygge Rum was born. In the past two years we've got our rum listed on various websites, amazon and I have also pitched to Tesco & Ocado.

Working with Cory over the past few months, we ended up talking about various other things including Hygge Rum and Cory's idea of wanting to make honey.

With the experience that Cory has with Social media and creating content I invited him onboard to be a partner in the business.

If you would like to know more, please visit our website.

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