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What makes us so different?

Our differences are what set us aside from most of the competition but a couple of difference in particular is our experience and our commitment.

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Right now as I write this I'm sat on holiday in the 26 degree heat using my iPad notes to jot down any potential ideas that can make our customer service and sales journey the best it can be for our consumers. Even when I'm off, I'm still actually in work mode and I dare say more than when I'm at home due to the time afforded by being on holiday. Whilst on holiday I do actually read every single email (although I don't have time to reply to them all) it means that when I het home I understand exactly where the business is and what needs actioning.

As we arrived at our hotel it was great to see the locals installing Solar Pv to the roof(s) of the hotel and warming to see our beloved industry at work in another part of the world. Although our installation practices may differ, the fundamental reasons for turning to solar pv remains the same...... to reduce our energy bills and to reduce CO2 emissions.

Having used my entire Spanish vocabulary, from 8 months of Spanish lessons, discussing with this installer, I am none the wiser as to how big of a system he was installing. However, what was clear to see is like ourselves was the passion for what is being achieved by global efforts to install Solar Pv.

"Hola, ¿cuantos kilovatios¿"

Whether in the UK or abroad one thing for sure is that our commitment to our business, our industry and our customers remains strong!

But what about our experience.....

So first thing to be aware of is that we're not just an overnight pop up company jumping on the Solar train to make a quick pound! We're experienced trades people and in actual fact our first Solar pv installation was back in 2012.

Since 2012, we have worked for a variety of other renewable companies to provide installation services along with being MCS accredited and serving our own customers. Some of our previous customers include:

- Ploughcroft

- Carillion

- Eco2Solar

- Custom Solar

- Ardenham Energy

- Evo Renewables

- and many more.

During this time we have worked on a variety of projects including domestic, social housing, industrial, agricultural, off grid, in roof, new builds, hospitals, bespoke canopies, ground mounts.... You name it, we've done it!

We still actually provide a small amount of installation services for local renewable companies and help with their technical call outs if their own engineers can't resolve the problem.

Having this 10 year experience has given us a privileged opportunity to absorb as much information in the Solar industry as possible and to allow us to confidently discuss a wide variety of projects with the up most confidence and professionalism.

Want to know more?

If you're interested in discovering how our experience can help to save you money on your current electricity bills then get in touch to book a survey.

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