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The World’s #1 Home Solar Energy System


Why do most of the world’s homeowners who are shopping for a solar energy system choose SolarEdge?

The answer is simple. SolarEdge systems deliver more of what you buy a solar energy system for – power.

Each solar module (also called a solar panel) on your roof is connected to a SolarEdge Power Optimizer which transforms it into a smart module. Working together with our high efficiency inverters, they harvest the maximum amount of energy possible, regardless of shading, soiling, and other factors to provide your home with more electricity over the system’s lifetime.

Being a certified Solaredge installer allows means we have the experience to install a top of the range Solaredge system with all of the benifits and features that you would expect from such a world leader and innovator in the Solar PV industry.


See all of your savings in real time.

A SolarEdge system not only lowers your electricity bills, it is also designed to meet your evolving energy needs and to protect your investment. Keeping track of your energy production and consumption is easy with your free* mySolarEdge app. This intuitive application runs on your mobile device to give you a real-time dashboard of your energy production and consumption. Your installer gets their own application - the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform - which provides remote monitoring and maintenance down to the level of each individual solar panel.


* Free for 25 years

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