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Solar PV

Entire Renewables have been working in the Solar Pv industry since 2012. Over these years we have built up a substantial amount of knowledge, which allows us to give you the best service. Our experience has been built up not only from our own sales & installations but also from working as approved installers for some of the largest Solar Pv companies in the country. Throughout the years, we have installed Solar Pv from the highlands of Scotlands to the South cost of England. 

System Types

At Entire Renewables we offer two different types of Solar Pv products.


Traditional String Systems - These systems are standard solar pv systems wired in series like old Christmas tree lights, the advantage of this type of system is that it can be installed quickly and is the cheapest way to install Solar Pv. A traditional string system is ideal for for customers with a tighter budget. When installing traditional string system using the very best manufactures in this category.


Optimised Solaredge Systems - Unike a traditional string system, the Solaredge optimised system uses small optimisers under each panel which now turns the system into a parallel system. These optimisers allow each panel to work to their most efficient output meaning that you can expect to generate around 10% more per annum compared to a standard string system.  In addition to this, you are now also able to panel level monitor each individual panel through the Solaredge mobile app. 

Traditional String System



A hybrid system is the most common installation set up and offers the fastest and most convenient way to generate and store solar pv power.


Solaredge Optimised Systems



Solaredge is by far the market leader and most innovative manufacturer on the market. Optimised Pv can generate up to 10% more annual yeild compared to a traditional string inverter.


Why Choose Entire Renewables

Entire Renewables are accredited by MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) and also RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) which perfectly highlights our commitment to our customer and their satisfaction. When it comes to buying a solar Pv system we are fully aware that there are some real “cowboys” out there.  Our aim is to give you the information you need to make an informal decision.  We never over inflate our prices, we never pressure sell and most importantly we never lie to win the deal.

It also goes without saying that all of our installations are carried out by qualified electricians and the certificated to local building control using our NICEIC accreditation.​

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